Friday, August 22, 2014

Get out of my dreams, and into my car!

Hi people! I know you're thinking... who is this girl? She hasn't blogged for about a decade. Well I've been busy. Wedding planning. Work. Summer. More wedding planning. More work. And buying a new car.

Yes, that's right. I finally broke down and bought a new car. For you guys who know me, you know that I loved my car, Bruce. So it wasn't an easy decision. I had been toying around with the idea of buying a new car for awhile. I'm a grown up now (apparently), and I finally have a job where I make enough money where I can afford a car payment. But I wasn't quite ready to cave yet. After all, Bruce still ran pretty well. Who cares if he is 13 years old. He's still pretty stylish.
Bruce Almighty. Pretty good lookin' car for being that old huh?
But that's when things started to go down hill.... I paid $500 to get some stuff fixed on it and thought that would solve my problem and we'd be good to go. Well, after I paid that $500, the air conditioning slowly started to go out and that's when the awful noises started. I didn't know a car could screech and rattle and sound so terrible. So a month or so after I dropped five hundy, I took Bruce to the shop again. Got a call a couple days later, it was going to cost $1800 to fix everything that needed fixing. One thousand eight hundred. Dollars. I had a panic attack and died a little bit inside. How could my trusty ol' Brucey die on me and expect me to pay $1800?!

After debating for a long time, I finally caved. Let me introduce you to our newest addition to our family. Aka. The first care I've ever purchased. (Aside from my first car that cost $300.)
Welcome, Phoebe, Phoebs. Pheobe Buffay. Aka my new car!
When did you guys buy your first real car? Do you always have hand-me-downs like I did?