Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Day in the Life

5:45 am: My day starts fairly early. My first alarm goes off at 5:45 and I usually snooze it once before I roll out of bed. I’m actually a morning person so it doesn’t bother me to get up before most people. It  gives me a few extra minutes to have to myself.
I don't just wake up looking like this.
6:00 ish: I hop in the shower and start the ever important task of getting ready for the day. By the time I’m out of the shower, Morgan is patiently waiting for me at the door so she can get her morning started. We turn on some Netflix (right now I’m catching up on Parenthood so I can watch the final season which starts tonight), and I get right down to the dirty work. Blow drying and straightening my hair. Every day. I wish I had perfect, hop out of the shower don’t do a thing hair, but I don’t. It takes a lot of work, product and tools.
7:15: Yes, it takes me over an hour to get ready. That’s why I get up so early. But then I take Morgan outside so she can do her business. She usually spends a couple minutes running around and playing with Cheyanne, the neighbor dog before she tries to bum some treats off Cheyanne’s mom.
7:30: I eat a quick bowl of cereal, feed the dog and head out the door.
I've had this cereal bowl since I was about 10.
7:45: I cross the bridge into Nebraska (Yes, I drive to a different state every day. Sometimes I’m in three states in one day), and arrive at work. I like to be there early so I can get a few things done before everyone else shows up. Also, it gives me a couple minutes to check Facebook.
My long list of complaints.
8:15: Everyone else shows up and we all get coffee or water, sometimes eat breakfast that someone brought in and do a little chatting before our boss shows up.
8:30 – 10:00: The first part of my day is usually spent putting out fires from the night before. I deal with any complaints we may have gotten that pertain to me, I return phone messages, answer emails, check to see if anyone important is checking in for that day and if I need to do anything special for them. Today’s main fire is a client who wants me to magically make a room appear for him on a day that we are already sold out. Sorry buddy. Go ahead and complain and take your business elsewhere, but I know you’ll be back.

Finding a DJ is the worst.
10:00 – 11:00: I usually squeeze a little wedding planning into some part of my day. Currently we’re trying to find a DJ so I’ve been researching and contacting them. And no, sorry, but I won’t pay you $500 to play 3 songs at my 20 minute wedding ceremony. Next.

11:00 – 12:15: This is when we lunch. Lunch is a big deal here. We all get to eat for free at our restaurant on property which is pretty much the bomb.com. We have a big family lunch every day and we all sit around our meeting table to eat and chat. Except today, I have a lunch meeting with a prospective client. I’ll give her a tour of our property then schmooze her with lunch and dessert before I ask for her business.
1:00: We meet for cake. We find any reason at all to eat cake, cupcakes cookies etc. Today it is a retirement and a 5 year anniversary with cookie cake.
I spend way too much time on this thing.

2:00: I get to work calling/emailing some prospective clients. Some days I stay in my office to do this and other days I go out and drop in on some at the offices. Just depends how I’m feeling and what the weather is doing obviously. (I’m not about to be out traipsing around in the rain doing sales calls. Did you not see earlier where it takes me an hour to straighten my hair? Yeah, no.)

3:00: Some days I have meetings at this time, some days I’m out of town on sales calls, some days I’m meeting with clients or brides and some days we go for a walk around the property and check out the progress on the new outdoor pool they’re putting in!
3:30 – 5:00: During this time I try to call a few more prospects, answer emails, deal with more complaints, get my ducks in a row for future groups, ask a football team for the millionth time for their rooming list, clean off my desk and head out the door.
5:30: After work I usually head on over to the gym for Zumba and dance my ass off for an hour. That’s about the only form of workout I’m doing lately. It’s the only one that doesn’t bore me to death.
6:45: I get home and either start making dinner or Eric has already made dinner for me.
7:00 – 9:00: We usually veg on the couch for a couple of hours catching up on the DVR before I shower and head to bed. We usually go to lay in bed pretty early, but end up watching a couple episodes of Friends/How I Met Your Mother before falling asleep and doing it all again the next day.
That’s your typical day in the life of Kate. The schedule of what I do doesn’t change much, but what goes on at work changes a lot. One day I might be preparing rooms for Alice Cooper and the next I might be trying to explain to someone that no, I can’t just make another room magically appear for you no matter how much you beg/plead/threaten to take your business elsewhere.
What about you guys? Does your routine get switched up a lot or is it pretty much the same day to day?

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