Friday, September 19, 2014

High Fives All Around!

Hey Everybody! Happy Friday! Finally! This week did nothing but drag on, so let's touch on a few of the highlights of the week...

1. I got invited to be a model for a Mary Kay event next week. One of Momma Deb's dear friends is  the Mary Kay lady of all Mary Kay ladies. They are apparently having an event in Sioux City next week for someones promotion and she emailed me and asked if I wanted to be a model for it. Sounds like a blast to me! I get a free makeover and probably get to have a few drinks with some crazy Mary Kay ladies.

2. We finally got engagement pictures taken. I had been waiting to get them done for awhile. I had all my new outfits purchased, practiced doing my hair and makeup and just had to wait. We ended up getting them done on Tuesday, the most beautiful day we've had all year. It was a blast, but now I just have to wait some more for them to be ready....

3. We're heading to Denison this weekend for a BBQ fest. I'm thinking it will be pretty fun. There is a Hairball concert tonight, which I'm sure will be a blast. We'll also get to partake in some beer and BBQ. Some of my favorite things.

4. Work has been pretty steady. I've been booking some pretty big events including one that my 7th grade shop teacher is coordinating. I had the pleasure of meeting with him the other day. He's just as pervy now as he was when I was in 7th grade. But his event is going to make me a butt load of money so I guess I can put up with it.

5. We started our fall volleyball league this past weekend. If you remember from last year, we were pretty awful. It was Eric and I and then a bunch of his older coworkers. We didn't win a single game. So this year, we did some revamping of our team. Invited some new friends from our softball team as well as a few others. We haven't won yet, but there is hope. :)

On a completely unrelated note, we've been cruising right along with wedding planning aside from a bump in the road with a DJ that wanted to charge us $500 just to do our ceremony. (Uh, no thanks. I'm not paying that much for you to play 3 songs.) So I'm hoping the rest of wedding planning goes just as smoothly. I've picked up my dress, just waiting to get it altered. We've gotten a lot of little things done which is nice.

I hope you guys all had a fabulous week and have a great weekend in store!

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  1. How was the BBQ fest? I saw a ton of pics popping up on FB - it looked pretty legit!
    Who was your shop teacher? Same one your brother and I had (wtf was his name)?!


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